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Jennifer Ching

Owner | Jennifer Ching Consulting

Founder | WorkAround

“We all only have so much mental energy to spend, so why waste it worrying about the people who doubt you?...put that mental energy to better use, like achieving your goals and making your dreams a reality.”

Jennifer holds a Bachelor of Arts in Broadcast Journalism, Television and Radio from San Francisco State University and is passionate about creating impact and positively influencing the people she works with.


She currently is a consultant helping small business owners achieve success through mastering the technology that runs their business. She has previously managed designers, project managers and operations professionals at the corporate level, and is a competent and thorough system administrator, trainer and problem solver.


Originally from Haiku on the island of Maui, Hawaii, Jennifer is now based in Concord, CA. She loves learning, writing, corgis and all things creative.

Nicole Burgess

Co-Founder | WorkAround


"Be confident for no reason. Then you'll have one."

Nicole Burgess

Nicole is a data aficionado. With a degree in graphic design and an analytical mindset, Nicole has made a career of bridging the gap between creatives and operations. Through her 7+ years of improving digital organization and streamlining processes within small companies and large organizations, Nicole has seen the gamut of workarounds, tricks, and technological mayhem.


Her expertise includes DAM (Digital Asset Management) administration, database design, naming conventions and digital organization standards, process documentation, branding guidelines, and user training/adoption.


Her passion for simplifying extends to the physical world as well – as a Tiny Living consultant. Living in just over 300 square feet gives Nicole a unique view on spatial planning, sustainable reuse, and a life-size game of Tetris.

Shannon Newman

Content Specialist | Social Media | Marketing

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Shannon Newman is a freelancer at Jennifer Ching Consulting. She specializes in social media and content writing projects, but is always excited to learn new skills and help where needed. Her experience in social media spans over two years from graphic creation to analytic research.


As a content writer, she has over two years of experience creating social media captions, newsletters, marketing emails, and professional blog posts. While in college, she worked as the social media manager for Reed Magazine, the oldest literary magazine in California. In this role she got to create their monthly newsletter that went out to over 6,000 readers and created original social media posts for their Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook that were viewed by over 1,000 followers on each platform.


She loves connecting with others through the internet and hopes to help brands better reach their audiences with engaging content and exciting marketing projects she got to assist in bringing to life.

Tonéy McKinney

Business | Operations | Project Management

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