Get Stuff Done.



I work with small business owners to master the technology that runs their business.


My background in Marketing & Design, Project Management and System Administration makes me your “all-in-one” partner.

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HI! I'm Jenn.

Business is all about having big ideas and getting stuff done in an optimal and efficient way (ideally). Often, those who can think big need help with organizing, planning and executing those big ideas.

I can help with that.



The Digital Universe is limitless and messy. Technology changes rapidly and it’s hard to keep up, especially as a small business owner or solopreneur.

You don’t have to work alone.



We’re all guilty of “New & Shiny” syndrome. Next thing you know, your files are a mess on whatever cloud storage you use and you have 3 programs or systems you don’t know how to use and your inbox is full of spam email you don’t remember signing up for.

We can figure it out together.



I have a project management, marketing, creative and design background; an operations mindset with a passion for technology; and a caring heart who wants to help people make changes in business and in life, for the better. 


There’s a lot I can do, and if I don’t know how, I’ll figure it out or I know someone else who can.


Let’s get stuff done.



Need a lot of support? Help with a single project?

We can help.


Mastering technology tools can be tricky.

Let us be your “tech wrangler.”

We can do it for you or show you how.

Marketing & Creative

Need help writing? 

Creating social media posts or managing engagement? 

A translator to work with a vendor? 

We got you.

Project Management

Setting deadlines is hard.

Sticking to them is harder.

Let’s get your ducks in a row.


Ready to Get Stuff Done?

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I’m excited to discuss your project or support needs.

The first 30 minute consultation is on me.